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Sell Organic barley noodle

Post Date: 19 Feb 2009
Expiry Date: 19 Feb 2010

Detailed Selling Lead Description

100% Organic sifted wheat flour, Organic barley grass flour, Natural sea salt, Water
Net Weight: 300g

Product Attributes:
Organic barley noodles made from the fresh grass of young premium quality certified organic Barley Grass plants. This natural nutrient super food contains a wide variety of trace minerals, antioxidants, vitamin C & E, plant pigments, enzymes and all in a perfect naturemade blend. BioFarms uses these special milled heirloom grains and traditional craft rollandcut, naturally air dried at ambient temperatures to produce gourmet organic Asian pasta with a smooth, silly texture. 


Excellent Nutrition:
Organic BARLEY GRASS is Nature's High-Nutrient Alkalising Food.

One of the best 'markers' for quality with Barley Grass is the levels of chlorophyll that is left after the harvesting and processing has taken place. A high chlorophyll which could effectively eliminate the harm of chemical antiseptics in food and body waste. It also has the functions of decrease inflammation, detoxification, anti-cancer, deodorization and getting ride of body waste. The abundant content of mineral and alkaline substances in barley chlorophyll may help to accommodate the balance of acid and alkali in human bodies.

Prandial fibre has close relationship with cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol and other chronic diseases. Prandial fibre is indispensable in human bodies, especially in digesting system's physiological function is unreplaceable, may protect the humanity to avoid many kinds vigorous sickness violations. So its also called The seventh nutrition element.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is a kind of bioactive protein and the most important key enzyme among the substances of preventing diseases and anti-aging. It plays a positive role in enhancing immunity regulation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and promoting microcirculation.

Premium Quality:
BioFarms Barley Grass is harvested and 'flash air dried' immediately after being transferred into the drying facility. Our commitment is to ensure the living enzymes and nutrients are not damaged or compromised. All Barley products are vegetarian, dairy free, and GMO Free.

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