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Dual-excitation single-layer shaker Dual-excitation single-layer shaker
Drilling fluid shale shaker includes high-powered single layer shale shaker,Dual-excitation and Dual-layer(long rod&short rod)
drilling fluid shale shaker drilling fluid shale shaker
1.high vibratiaon intensity
3.Simple structure
api Casing head api Casing head
1.API 6A casing head
2. OEM, ODM service
3. work pressure 2000-20000PSI
4. We supply America, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc. .
oil (gas) well head device and valve oil (gas) well head device and valve
wellhead mainly composed of casing head and tubing head. Tubing head is an important part to connect tube and casing head.
tubing pump accessories tubing pump accessories
Provide you all kinds of API subsurface tubing pumps which have best performance in corrosion resistance & anti-friction aspect.
API drill pipe API drill pipe
1)OD:2 7/8'
98% Melamine powder 98% Melamine powder
Appearance: white powder
Purity(%): 99.8 min
Moisture(%): 0.1 PH: 7.5-9.5
Ash content(%): 0.03min

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