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Tianjin Qianna Agricultural Products Ind. & Trading Co., Ltd.

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a large catalog of the certified products in natural, organic, specialty, ethnic and gourmet food products
Minimum Order Quantity: 1300 Piece/Pieces
Packaging Details: 250g, 300g, 400g, 500g or according to customers requirement; 40bags/CTN, 1300CTN/20ft container
Delivery Time: 21 days later upon get confirmation
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 15000 Metric Ton per Year

Detailed Product Description

As one of the world premium foodstuff manufacturer and supplier in China, BioFarms Foodstuff company is proud to offer you a large catalog of the certified products in natural, organic, specialty, ethnic and gourmet food products:


A. Organic Asian Pasta Series:

1. Wheat noodle (Udon, Somen)

2. Buckwheat noodle /Soba (Lomein, Somen)

3. Greentea buckwheat noodle

4. Whole wheat noodle (Lomein, Somen)

5. Brown Rice Noodle

6. Rice noodle

7. Corn noodle

8. Spinach noodle

9. Tomato noodle

10.Celery Noodle

11.Carrot Noodle

12.Vegetable Noodle

13. Barley Noodle 

14. Oat Noodle

There are more then 100 kinds of noodles.


B. 100% Organic Vegetarian Food Series:

100% Soybean Ingredient:

1. Soybean spaghetti

2. Soybean noodle

3. Soybean sausage

4. Soybean fish

5. Soybean chicken

6. Soybean shrimp


100% Black bean Ingredient:

 Black bean spaghetti


100% Mung bean Ingredient:

 Mung bean noodle

Their ingredient is 100% organic beans.


C. 100% Organic Instant Noodle Series:

1. Tomato Instant Noodle

2. Spinach Instant Noodle

3. Carrot Ginger Instant Noodle

4. Vegetable Instant Noodle

5. Garlic & Pepper Instant Noodle

6. Soba Instant Noodle

All of instant noodle are 100% organic, no preservatives, no additives, no pigment, especially without fried. Their ingredients are organic wheat and buckwheat flour.


D. Organic Fresh Noodle Series:

 1. Fresh Noodle Udon

 2. Fresh Buckwheat Noodle

 3. Fresh Noodle Ramen

 4. Fresh Green tea Noodle

 5. Fresh Rice Noodle

 6. Fresh Corn Noodle

 7. Fresh Spinach Noodle

 8. Fresh Tomato Noodle

This delicious meal features Organic Fresh noodles, combined with various 100% organic vegetable and seasoning , which mades from fragrant herbs and classic spices, its ready in 2-4 minutes! Quick to cook, delicious tasting and easily digested, Biofarms Oriental fresh Noodles are a satisfying and versatile food.  


E. Organic FDADIndividual Quick-Frozen(IQF) and Fresh Vegetable, there are granule, dice, flake, Powder and strips series:

  1. Carrot

  2. Celery

  3. Chilli

  4. Spinach

  5. Tomato

  6. Shallot

  7. Red Pepper

  8. Onion

  9. Garlic

  10. Ginger

  11. Sweet Potato

  12. Broccoli

  13. Cauliflower

  14. Cabbage

  15. Peanut

 And we also provide certified organic variety of Fruits with FD and IQF.

The certified organic dehydrated, quick-frozen and fresh vegetable with strict quality control system, they are grown without conventional and artificial . No raw materials used in the manufacture of our products have been Genetically Modified and all comply with the statutory regulations.


 F. Organic Chestnut Series:

  1. Roasted Chestnut Kernel-Ready to eat: without shell

  2. Roasted Smiling Chestnut-Ready to eat: with shell

  3. Fresh Chestnut

  4. Frozen Chestnut


G. Organic & Natural Snack (Ready to eat):

  1. Roasted Soybean nut

  2. Roasted Black bean nut

  3. Roasted green Soybean nut

  4. Roasted Mini golden Pumpkin

  5. Roasted Mini Sweet Potato  


H. Organic Instant Soya Powder Series:

  1. Natural flavour

  2. Strawberry flavour

  3. Coconut flovour

  4. Chocolate flavour

  5. Coffee flavour

  6. Vanilla flavour


I. Organic Soya Sauce:

  Ingredients: Organic soybean, organic wheat, pure water, natural sea salt.

  QianNa organic soy sauce uses centuries-old fermentation craft, heirs of the traditional brewed skill hand down through generations. Its versatile ability to combine with harmonize and enhance the flavor of other foods-salad dressing, frying and baking. It brings rich, clean and balanced vivid flavor into your dishes


J. 100% Natural Cellophane / Vermicelli Noodle:

  1. 100% Mung Bean Cellophane Noodle

  2. Potato Vermicelli

  3. Pea Vermicelli

4. Sweet Potato Vermicelli

5. Sweet Potato & Tomato Vermicelli

  6. Ferny Root Vermicelli

  7. Kudzu Root Vermicelli


At BioFarms, all natural and organic products come from our own farms and factories, under direct and strict supervision of the certifying authorities. BioFarms food company strives continually to produce highest quality, ethnic foods and competitive

Contacts Info

Company Name: Tianjin Qianna Agricultural Products Ind. & Trading Co., Ltd.
Street Address: BuildingC-35, Beichen Distric
City: Tianjin
Province/State: Tianjin
Country/Region: China
Zip: 300400
Telephone: 86-22-26886596
Fax: 86-22-26889240

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