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EM1206EV embedded board

EM1206EV embedded board
embedded board Easy programmablity.
Fast development.
Free IDE.
Comprehensive libiraries & objects.
High level language
Multi RS232 Channel Yes
Web administration Yes
WiFi communication Optional
Ethernet connection 10/100 BaseT
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name Tibbo
Model Number EM1206EV

Detailed Product Description

EM1206EV embedded board includes the EM1206, RJ45 jack/magnetics, RS232 port, power jack and regulator, LEDs, setup button, and an expansion connector with TTL I/O lines and optional Wifi GA1000 add-on.

The EM1206EV offers a convenient way to test the BASIC-programmable Ethernet module.

The board features the following components:

  1. The EM1206 and RJ203 modules (assembled together and soldered into the EM1206EV board).
  2. Connector for a wireless add-on module, such as the GA1000 Wi-Fi device (purchased separately).
  3. Power jack and switching power regulator
  4. Multi-channel RS232 port with three RS232 outputs and four RS232 inputs.
  5. Expension connector with GND, 3.3V (Vcc), 12V (Vin), and 8 TTL I/O lines.
  6. Eight yellow LEDs to indicate the status of I/O lines

  7. Four jumpers to select between RS232 port and expansion connector

  8. Two buttons: (connected to the line of the EM1206), and reset (connected to the line)

  9. Green and red status LEDs (connected to lines of the EM1206).

  10. Buzzer (connected to the line of the EM1206).

  11. (backup power source) for the of the EM1206

Contacts Info

Company Name: Tibbo Technology Inc.
Street Address: 9F-3, No.31, Lane 169, Kang-Ning St,, Hsi-Chih, Taipei, Taiwan
City: Taipei
Country/Region: Taiwan
Zip: 221
Telephone: 886-02-26925443,0958573910
Fax: 886-02-26923139

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