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EM1000 Serial to Ethernet Module

EM1000 Serial to Ethernet Module
10/100BaseT Serial to Ethernet Module
Flash & RTC
4 high-speed TTL serial port
Support Wi-Fi, LCD, keypad, buzzer
53 I/O
Products Status Stock
WiFi yes
Serial to Ethernet yes
programmable yes
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name Tibbo
Model Number EM1000

Detailed Product Description

EM1000 programmable embedded Serial to Ethernet module is perfect for designing data collection and automation devices such as access control panels, time and attendance terminals, inventory control systems, factory floor automation terminals, and so on.

The EM1000 is excellent for prototyping your projects -- its pin pitch is standard 2.54mm (0.1''). The module can also support Wi-Fi communications (this requires add-on board).

work as a serial-to-IP device serverYES, through the use of available serial-over IP Tibbo BASIC application
Tibbo-BASIC programmableYES, with full power of Tibbo BASIC, its objects, and libraries
Ethernet port10/100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port (no magnetics).
Serial port(s)4 TTL serial port (TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR lines)
Full- and half-duplex serial port modes.
Wi-Fi portEXTERNAL, requires the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module
Number of I/O lines53
Flash memory1024KB, for TiOS firmware, compiled Tibbo BASIC application and its data
Flash disk for data storageYES, can take all free space in the flash memory (space not already occupied by TiOS firmware and Tibbo BASIC application)
EEPROM2048 bytes, used by SoI firmware to store settings, 2042 bytes available to store T-BASIC app. data
Data buffer8KB in each direction
Firmware upgradesYES, through a serial port or network
RTCWith internal or external backup power source
Support external LCDYES, supports several models of displays, the list will be expanded in the future
Support external keypadYES, up to 64 keys depending on the availability of I/O lines and keypad configuration
Buzzer control outputYES, programmable square wave output
PLL (speed) controlYES, through hardware (jumper) or software
Reliable onboard resetYES, onboard power-up, brown-out detection, and watchdog circuit
System (a.k.a. MD) button lineYES
Status LED control lines2, for green and red status LEDs
Ethernet LED control lines2, for link and speed mode indication
Supply voltage (nominal)3.3V, I/O lines are 5V-tolerant
Current consumption (max)230mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode, PLL on).
Dimensions (LxWxH)38.4x28.4x5.5mm
Firmware upgradesYES, through a serial port or network
Rembarkrecording and decoding of  Wiegand and clock/data streams

Contacts Info

Company Name: Tibbo Technology Inc.
Street Address: 9F-3, No.31, Lane 169, Kang-Ning St,, Hsi-Chih, Taipei, Taiwan
City: Taipei
Country/Region: Taiwan
Zip: 221
Telephone: 886-02-26925443,0958573910
Fax: 886-02-26923139

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