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Guangzhou Genial Technology Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Genial Technology Co., Ltd.

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JOB-27C Sauna Pulse Slimming Belt

JOB-27C  Sauna Pulse Slimming Belt
Perfect magic belt, Infrared heat + pulse, more effective for slimming.Relieve pain,soothe tiredness,remove superfluous fat

Detailed Product Description

Brief Description and Advantage:

·         Perfect magic belt, Infrared heat + pulse, more effective for slimming and beauty body.

·         Multi body areas use (arm, abdomen, neck, back, shoulder, and spine); the device can provide you a very comfortable massage and heat at your own home, instant weight and measurement loss!

·         Activate skin cells, promote blood circulation make your body health and slim.

·         Relieve pain, soothe tiredness, remove superfluous fat from beer stomach (German Goiter) and pregnant stripes, recover skin elasticity

·         It tightens yours waist and produces high frequency mechanical wave in every direction, it effectively resolves and vents the extra fats away from your body. It is the ideal fat reducing way for fat women and men with beer bellies at present, lightweight & portable ideal for using at home, it can be used at home safely and easily, it can fit anybody with different body size, and the infrared heat penetrates deep into the body to soothe and relieve pain in arm, leg and omen, neck back, shoulder, spine.

Detailed Product Description

  • Connective with transformer, and big LCD screen easy for operation.
  • 5 Mode for your choice to have better effect: Pound, Fast Pound, Massage, Beat, Paw.
  • Timing:10-60 mines
  • Adjustable temperature: 30-70
  • Humanism design, control the heating speed and pulse intensity by yourself
  • Lose fat from belly, waist, leg etc easily;
  • Active cell and accelerate blood circulation to keep fit and health.
  • Suitable for using in every part of body;


  • Electrical source100-240V 50/60Hz
  • PowerDC 12V/2A
  • Pulse Load:500R
  • Timing:10-60 mins
  • Heating temperature:30-70

Contacts Info

Company Name: Guangzhou Genial Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Karl Tang
Address: 7/F, National Med. & Health Care Instruments Ctr., 507 North Guangzhou Ave., Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou City, Guangdong Prov. China
Zip: 510500
Telephone: 86-20-37236971
Mobile Phone: 86-013560357676
Fax: 86-20-37236990, 37236756

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